eHCA App User Guide

With the free eHCA app for iOS and Android, a variety of information and services are just a touch away. So wherever you are, you can connect with your agency quickly.

Here are just a few of the things you can do with the eHCA app:

  • Enter your weekly and permanent availability
  • View your allocated shifts
  • Confirm new shifts and changes to shifts
  • Decline new shifts (for suitable shifts only)
  • View map directions from your current location to the shift
  • Search for and allocate yourself to available shifts
  • View and update your personal preferences such as Do Sends, Do Not Sends and Subscriptions
  • Update your personal details like address and banking details
  • View and complete eLearning competencies
  • View your compliances
  • View any shifts that have not yet been paid
  • Electronically submit timesheets for worked shifts
  • View your payslips and superannuation statements
  • View your eHCA alerts